Friday, November 2, 2012

Little Bakers....

Porter and Carter wanted to make cookies.
So, I let them....
This is what they made:)
Creative little boys!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Porter Gets His Bear!

Porter has been doing a good job at getting all his stuff done for scouts! 
He especially loves when they do "fun" stuff!
Porter has worked hard and half way through the year has earned his Bear.
Presenting me with the pin.
I tried to tell him he needed to "salute" me with a kiss.
He wouldn't so I attacked:)
Good Job Porter!!
I'm so proud of him:)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Festivities....

Oh Halloween! I shouldn't dislike it so much but I do!
However, I do support my kids...
The Halloween parade at school.
My little Brayd led the whole parade!
Such a cute boy!
Ry being a motor man.
Porter's teacher, Mr. Bluemel was a wizard!
Porter a moto man also!
My Madi was a Masquerade.
Aaron even took the kids trick or treating-we didn't last year because this beautiful baby was making me sick.....
Tivi is getting so good at sitting up!
Ossie kept attacking her.
She would even lean into the kisses from Os.
I love the hat and my beautiful baby's face!
More and more pictures.
Cute smiles.
I just can't get enough.
Laughing and drooling.
My baby and I!
Too many pictures?
Cute Tongue!
And they all came back!
Happy as could be!
sorting out all the candy
I love all my babies!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Trunk or Treat...

The Youth were in charge of the Trunk or Treat as always this year so I in turn was in charge of the sucker tree.
The kids all helping put it together.
I think this was the only picture I got of all the kids together.
Tivoli Fae and My Madi.
I love my girls!
I was trying to take picture of Tiv but she kept falling over!
Ah, my little strawberry.
So cute!
Hailee and Bentley joined us along with Jo and Addi.
Ry and Bentley going for a train ride.
My baby girl and I!
Tivi's blue eye.
Ah, Tivi Tivs!
Porter and Brayd.
Madi and Hailee Mae.
Addi stoled Tivi's hat.
I love how Tivi is just looking at Addi in this picture!
Such cute girls.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bald Babies Get Hats!

Oh my poor Tivoli Fae is definitely my baldest baby! All my other little ones had pretty good hair. Not tons but enough....Tivi doesn't have much but I do think she looks pretty dang cute in her hats we got at the What Women Want Expo!
I just want to squeeze that little face!
Her face is so skinny but she still has a double chin:)
This is the face Aaron pulls when he gets a close-up picture taken. 
To hide the double chin.
Tivi has become very fascinated by her hands.
I love playing dress up with this baby.
I just love her so so much!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Piano Recital!

Halloween time means piano recital time too! My kids have the best teacher!! Madison is getting really good. I am so proud of her. She loves the piano, I never have to ask her to practice and at 10 years old she is playing songs out of the Hymn Book. The real one, not simplified. She has inspired me:)
Porter still complains once in a while about practicing but I just have to ask him if he wants to be able to play cool songs. He then remembers he does and keeps practicing. Ry just started taking lessons in September and I am happy to say he is a self motivator so I don't have to ask him constantly to practice. 
Dirt bike riders with a pirate and a masquerade. 
Very cute! All of them:)
Ry could even play with his helmet on.
Well done Ry!
Grandpa, Aaron, Tivi and Dr. Lunt:)
Jason was cute to hold Brayd on his lap....Brayd had to dress up too!
And My excellent Madi.
Bowing for us all!
Porter, Ry and Hailee Mae.
Grandma and I just a watching....Aaron thought I dressed up as an inmate.
Porter could do his with his helmet also!
My Proud Porter!
My Tivi Baby is just so so cute!
Tivi and her dad....
The program.
Thanks to Heather for being such a good teacher and making learning fun for our sweet little ones. I get so excited to see their progress every year and know that they will be good piano players someday. The Hymns is all I ask they know how to play.